Special Operations

Reimagining Mission Readiness

We are adept at supporting our Special Operations and other special mission customers as they tackle complex and often unconventional missions around the globe. Our Special Operations and Intelligence veterans are intimately familiar with and committed to the mission. This firsthand domain experience, combined with our vast expertise in technology, systems development, operations support, and readiness assessment enables us develop tailored solutions to unique and challenging mission requirements.

Capabilities we leverage from across Athenix Solutions Group and tailor to the unique needs of special operations and special missions users include Systems Architecture, Agile Software Development, Computer Network Operations, and Cyber Intelligence & Analytics.

The synergistic integration of our capabilities promotes continuous improvement and better mission outcomes. Our digital systems, solutions and supporting services are all honed in the realistic environments we create as we deliver Special Operations Mission Readiness solutions that bridge the gap between real-world operations and training. We are pioneers in realistic training for Special Operations forces. Our large-scale joint training exercises—which prepare Special Operations forces, conventional forces, and international partners for combat—transform the way training is delivered and measured.