Agile Software Development

High-Velocity Solutions

Quickly reacting to unfolding world events is essential to the Intel Community, Special Operations, and those who operate on the edge. That’s why we employ Agile development methodologies and proven best practices to rapidly develop and build frontline capabilities for our customers.

Our iterative development and incremental delivery approach allow us to develop new capabilities quickly, demo them to stakeholders, and make needed adjustments. As a result, we improve outcomes, shorten release cycles, and promptly place mission-ready systems and tools into the hands of analysts and warfighters.

SIGINT Expertise

Many of our Agile software engineers have extensive SIGINT system experience. This unique combination of Agile programming skills and particular subject-matter expertise is crucial for rapidly developing intelligence applications and tools.

Agile Prowess

We apply Agile to software development, as well as to project management, staffing, resources, and even training initiatives. Our certified Scrum Masters are intimately knowledgeable about all facets of Agile methodology, and this expertise improves communications and shortens delivery time on projects.

Cloud Proficiency

We are experts at developing secure cloud-based systems and tools. Whether it’s cloud-enabling systems that previously resided on private networks or using Agile to create secure systems for private and public clouds, we help you harness the cloud for mission success.