Computer Network Operations

Protect and Defend

Today’s complex and fast-changing threat environment endangers the nation’s most important networks and information. At Athenix, we play a key role in protecting critical data and digital assets from potent adversaries and help maintain the continuous network availability required for mission success. Our network operations professionals safeguard our customers’ systems and computer networks by providing advanced analytics, planning, technology, and operations support. We also deliver the experts, systems, and tools to analyze, troubleshoot, and test complex networks.

Tool Development

We develop advanced, cutting-edge tools that protect networks from vulnerabilities and defend them against attack. Our network security tools help our customers analyze and understand network, infrastructure, and software threats.

Cyber Defense

We identify, resolve, and prevent cyberattacks. Our advanced cybersecurity capabilities include identifying penetration testing artifacts, responding to cybersecurity incidents, and delivering tools for cyber hunt activities. We also provide risk and vulnerability assessments.

Certified Professionals

Our networking and cybersecurity experts—many of whom are DoD 8140 certified—have proven competency in enterprise security, risk management, research and analysis, and the integration of computing, communications, and business disciplines.