Intelligence Community Readiness

Maximizing Performance

Missions that cannot fail require proficiency in a wide range of intelligence activities. At Athenix, we draw upon our experience in intelligence collection, analysis, and reporting to better enable intelligence service readiness. We understand the challenges facing Intelligence professionals and work closely with them to support their mission.

Our agile and adaptive training strategies advance learning, improve analysts’ performance, and enhance decision-making. Furthermore, as a developer of end-user intelligence tools, we train analysts on the proper use of each tool. We also make rapid adjustments to improve the performance of our purpose-built tools based on feedback gathered in the field.

Operationally Proven

We bring firsthand knowledge of intelligence operations and applications to our readiness solutions. By blending personnel with recent and relevant forward-deployed experience with subject-matter experts in training and exercise development, we deliver solutions that increase mission readiness and reduce training costs.

Lessons Learned

Athenix collects, analyzes, and manages data to maximize organizational readiness. We continuously modify and improve all our readiness products by regularly measuring performance and reviewing lessons-learned feedback from customers.

Full-Spectrum Training

From exercise planning and execution to technology integration and over-the-shoulder training, we support our customers every step of the way. Our experience includes individual instruction, group training, and integrated training exercises.