Analysis & Targeting Tools

Advantage Delivered

Athenix provides actionable information in support of our nation’s Intelligence Professionals, Cyber Warriors, Special Operators, and strategic and tactical decision-makers. Our professionals have the skills, expertise, and knowledge to help customers better analyze information and make timely, informed decisions.

Our tactical intelligence and targeting analysis capabilities include intelligence reporting, systems analytics, target development, and operational planning. By providing analysis support and specialized tools, we help our customers identify threats and deliver the situational analyses needed for better outcomes.  

Purpose-Built Tools

Our professionals research, select, deploy, and develop specialized software tools, platforms, and applications tailored to the mission. Whether commercially available or developed by Athenix, these purpose-built tools assemble, aggregate, and integrate information for intelligence, language, and cyber analysts.

Relentless Commitment

Our dedicated personnel include military veterans and former Intelligence professionals experienced on the front lines. This unique knowledge and firsthand commitment to the mission is invaluable toward helping deliver timely and on-target analysis and reporting.

Exceeding Expectations

We work with our customers to provide them with the operational support needed to make them successful. This includes personalized training, real-time adjustments to tools and systems, custom services and development, and any additional support required to maximize mission performance.