Enabling Mission IT

Mission Proficient

We are adept at managing the entire enterprise IT environment needed for frontline Intelligence, Cyber, and Special Operations applications. Our knowledge of each mission’s technology requirements, including unique configuration, security, capacity, bandwidth, and power considerations, is instrumental in efficiently provisioning the global infrastructure needed by our customers.

Our enterprise solutions are backed by our knowledge of data center management, network and cloud infrastructure, desktop infrastructure, and end-user tools. By blending an understanding of the enterprise IT lifecycle with personal mission experience, we can deliver the data and tools needed to increase mission effectiveness.

Precise Provisioning

Tip-of-the-spear missions require a unique supporting infrastructure. We understand the technology at our disposal and quickly deliver the exact tools and configurations needed for success.

Smart Spending

Our mission IT solutions are designed to balance affordability and mission needs. By applying best-practice provisioning and integrating innovative technology tools, we deliver agile, cost-effective, and capable systems specially tailored to the mission.

Personal Engagement

Our people are personally engaged in the mission. Many of our professionals are former analysts, special operators, and warfighters with relevant, hands-on experience. This intimate knowledge is essential to mastering this unique mission IT environment.