System Architecture

Future Focused

We are experts at architecting Intelligence, Cyber, and Special Operations systems for enhanced information gathering, reporting, and decision-making. It begins with an in-depth assessment of a customer’s needs to ensure we provide a mission-tailored system solution. Our qualified system architects and designers then develop a conceptional design and formulate a framework for your individual IT architecture.

We also plan, design, and engineer all software and hardware components of the system. As a result, we can help maximize performance, minimize costs, and optimize mission support. And since we are technology neutral, we always focus on your unique needs, not those of system suppliers.

Strategic Thinking

Building successful systems requires strategic vision. Big picture thinking is crucial to developing future-focused system architectures. At Athenix, we align strategies to objectives to program performance to create a line of sight from vision to task.

Full Lifecycle

We have experience managing the entire lifecycle, including concept, design, development, execution, training, and sustainment. This holistic view of the whole ecosystem is invaluable to developing on-target and resilient system architectures.

Technological Savvy

Our expertise in a wide range of technologies enables us to prioritize requirements, assess alternatives, and architect innovative systems that seamlessly integrate application software, hardware, network devices, and systems security.