RF Spectrum Expertise

Outpacing Adversarial Threats

In the age of electronic warfare, controlling the electromagnetic spectrum is vital to the success of worldwide military and intelligence operations. Keeping in front of ever-emerging enemy threats requires flexible, mission-matched solutions that help warfighters control the electromagnetic spectrum.   

At Athenix, we build and deploy systems that operate within the RF domain. Our fast, highly adaptable RF solutions work across multiple frequencies and platforms and deliver a clear advantage to our customers. Our capabilities include systems integration, systems engineering, data analytics, software engineering, operations, and maintenance.

Rapid Response

As a middleweight company, we move swiftly to get and stay ahead of our customers’ needs. This agility is critical to providing the adaptability and quick-strike capabilities needed to stay ahead of our adversaries’ information-based threats.

Unparalleled RF Expertise

From PhDs to technicians, we have professionals with extensive technical expertise across the entire RF spectrum. This multilevel domain experience is instrumental in our ability to build and maintain critical systems within the RF spectrum.

Technology Neutral

Athenix is not tethered to any specific products or technology. As a result, we work with you to make innovative recommendations that are not necessarily tied to legacy systems, preconceived ideas or existing technology platforms. This vendor-neutral position allows us to select, develop, and deliver the best RF-spectrum solution, regardless of the source of the threat.