Cyber Readiness & Cyber Exercises

Increasing Proficiency

We are helping prepare the next generation of cyber warriors for current and future cyber conflicts. Our cyber readiness team understands the unique requirements and challenges facing cyber specialists and develops tailored training solutions that help monitor, analyze, detect, and respond to activity in the cyber domain.

Drawing on our experience building, operating, and supporting systems and networks, we develop cyber environments and training scenarios that realistically portray conditions and accelerate expertise development. In short, we create the depth of training needed to rapidly respond to changing cyber mission requirements.

Military & Intelligence Authorities

We understand the cyber environment from the military and intelligence community perspectives. We are fluent in Title 10, which describes the legal authority for DoD operations, and Title 50, which captures the authority of intelligence agencies to conduct intelligence operations and covert action.

Collaborative Relationships

Our curriculums—built in collaboration with our customers—help cyber warriors and Intelligence professionals do their jobs better. This cooperative approach, in combination with our strong and deep understanding of the challenges facing our customers, helps us find the best approach to cyber readiness and cyber exercises.

Full Lifecycle Training

Athenix supports the full continuum of training from front-end analysis through development, execution, measurement, and feedback. This complete understanding of the training lifecycle enables us to implement training scenarios that meet the precise requirements of our customers.